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Stainless Steel Relining

When an inspection reveals that you need to have your chimney relined, you will be in great hands with The Chimney Doctors! With over 45 years in the industry, there’s nothing we care about more than keep your home safe from unwanted house fires. We want to make sure our customers stay safe and sound when at home, and we believe that a quality chimney liner goes a long way in ensuring that. That’s why we reline with stainless steel liners.

The Benefits Of Our Stainless Steel Liners

Stainless steel liners come in many sizes, which allows us to reline chimneys of all sizes and shapes. Even those truly unique chimneys out there! Having these replaced when necessary, helps to retain efficient insulation, prevents new cracks or breaks forming when the temperatures in the flue cause them to expand and contract, and they’re rust- and corrosion-resistant, which means you won’t have to worry about replacing them down the line.

With an insulated stainless steel liner, fires will burn hotter, fuel will be burned more effectively, and the flue will stay warmer — which means you’ll enjoy more heat with less fuel and less creosote.

Ready to get your chimney relined? Click the button below to book your chimney inspection, so that our team maybe be able to properly diagnose your chimney’s needs.

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Furnace, Boiler Flue & Water Heater Relining

Your hearth appliance’s chimney may be well taken care of, but don’t forget about your furnace, boiler flue, or water heater! When neglected, this can lead to both facing potential damage. This results in the boiler flue or furnace lining becoming as dangerous as the one venting your fireplace, stove, or insert when they are not properly maintained.

Why Furnace & Boiler Flue Pipes Need To Be Replaced

Damage or improper installation can decrease the safety and performance of the boiler or furnace, just as damage or improper installation of your chimney flue affects the fireplace, insert, or stove it’s venting. For your safety and for the efficiency of the appliance itself, you need to be confident that the smoke pipe is free of damage, buildup, blockages, or anything that could cause a fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, masonry damage, or any other dangerous and undesirable issues. If it’s not, it needs to be replaced.

Why Is Stainless Steel The Best Liner For Furnaces & Boilers?

Many homeowners are opting for high-efficiency boilers and furnaces, which makes sense. But the problem is that modern high-efficiency boilers and furnaces can actually be even harder on liners than appliances of old. Why? Because the transition from vapor to moisture happens inside of the flue now, rather than inside of the appliance. With other liners, this could cause corrosion, rusting, and overall deterioration in just a short time. Stainless steel liners are made to stand up to the years of abuse and are rust- and corrosion-resistant, so you get a longer service life from your investment. These liners are worth every penny because they provide peace of mind and decades of worry-free service.

With an insulated stainless steel liner, fires will burn hotter, fuel will be burned more effectively, and the flue will stay warmer — which means you’ll enjoy more heat with less fuel and less creosote.

Don’t let your furnace go unnoticed! Have The Chimney Doctors team come and inspect the lining of your boiler, furnace or water heater by clicking the button below to schedule a consultation.


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"We had our chimney cleaned this week and Robert did an excellent job. He was very kind and gave us information about how to care for the chimney/fireplace in the future! We were pleased with Robert and the company!"

- Haylee P.

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"Excellent experience from start to finish. Was one of the best technicians I’ve ever worked with, his comportment and decorum was completely professional, both inside and outside of my home."

"Job well done. Will highly recommend services."

- Oscar B.

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"After a bit of a delay, Lisa and the employees of Chimney Doctors did a SUPERB job of rectifying multiple issues with my fireplace."

"I could not be happier!!"

- Anthony P.

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"I am very very pleased with the service, care, cleanliness, and communication this family company has provided for a vacation home I see to. 6 stars people, 6!!!!"

- Arlene S.

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"Great customer service. Everyone is knowledgeable and gets you what you need. Won't go anywhere else."

- Wade B.

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"Robert came out to our house this morning and was great. Used drop cloths and kept our house clean. Did an excellent job and was very polite. Highly recommend these guys."

- Jay J.

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